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Coronavirus vaccine by Moderna is 95% effective

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Data from Moderna, an American biotech company, shows that a new vaccine in protection from Covid-19 is approximately 95% effective.

Another biotech company, Pfizer, also produced similar results which add to the growing confidence that a vaccine could end the coronavirus pandemic.

The experimental trials involved 30,000 Americans with half of them being given two doses and the rest had dummy injections. The data shows there were a total of 11 severe coronavirus cases, but none happened to the people who were immunised.

This is still preliminary data, however, Moderna plans to apply apply to regulators in the US for approval in order to use the vaccine in the coming weeks.

There will be an approximate of 20 million doses available in the US. The company is hoping to provide one billion doses for people around the world next year and is currently seeking approval from other countries as well.

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