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A-level results leave students in anguish

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Government algorithms have left students with conflicting opinions about the grades they were given and in retaliation teachers have now been given the choice to award grades for their students, according to the BBC.

As of the 13th of August students were given their A level grades to allow them to proceed to their next chapter in life; university, apprenticeships or other.

The algorithm used to predict these grades was based on the students predicted grades and a ranking compared with every other pupil at the school within that same estimated grade, however overall this system has caused huge distress for students.

Genevieve Thompson, a student at the Royal Latin Grammar School says: “The fact I actually physically sat an invigilated exam in January and those grades held less weight than a calculated one baffles me.”

Lucy Cotterill another student at the Latin said: “When I got my results I was annoyed as I knew they weren’t the results I deserved, but what bothered me the most was hearing from friends at private schools who had done so much better than they had expected”

Chloe Hall, a student from the Buckingham School, agrees and says: “I feel as though they should have given all students an advantage, considering the cancelling of exams due to the virus. It’s disappointing but not but not surprising that students who go to a private school had the upper hand to grades.”

Roger Taylor, the Chair of Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) gave a statement saying: “There was no easy solution to the problem of awarding exam results when no exams have taken place.”

Students have been left with a mixed bag of results some happy, some not. What I can say is congratulations to everyone on what they got and don’t let the grades define you.

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