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Amsterdam plans to ban drug tourism

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Amsterdam is to discuss to ban selling weed in coffee shops for foreign tourists according to euronews .

In total the city have approximately 166 shops, and this represents almost a third of establishments in the country and according to Brut the cannabis tourism counts each month around 1.5 million and this all before the pandemic .

The city council is to discuss the final decision this month, and only Netherland passport holders are to be served at the coffee shops.

One of the main reason to this decision, according to euronews, the mayor Halsema wrote in a letter that has been sent to the city councillors  “We have seen many groups of young people who only come to Amsterdam to go to the ‘coffeeshops’

Then added, “cause inconvenience to residents”

The decision is soon to be revealed to the world, councillors will be taking consideration the tourism’s negative side effects, the youth’s health and the residents will .

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