Big dog shaved like a lion causes scares in Spain

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In a Spanish town of Molina de Segura, a very big dog has been mistaken for a lion roaming through the gardens, HUFFPOST reports.  

There were several sightings of a lion reported in a garden area in the town, and as police arrived on the scene, they were able to detain the animal. 

The police, after scanning its microchip, was able to identify an owner and reveal that it was a large canine. 

The dog had a similar haircut to a lion, with a tufty tail and mane, and the reason for the haircut is unknown. 

A police officer said, “We don’t know the motive for shaving it that way. For now, there’s no justifiable motive. We have to confirm the vaccines and documents are correct, but fortunately, the dog is fine.”

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