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Black Lives Matter to march in Buckingham

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The Buckingham branch of Black Lives Matter (BLMB) is to organise a peaceful protest in the town centre on 29 Aug.

The demonstration seeks to raise awareness about racial inequality and injustice and local people are encouraged to participate in what organisers believe will lead to ‘a more equal and inclusive community’ in Buckingham and beyond.

Rebecca Clark, the founding member of the group, said the movement has no political affiliations or agenda but rather seeks to make its voice heard on issues of racism.

“BLMB are not a Labour Party movement, many members are Conservative voters,” she said. “Racism crosses all sectors of society and many of us have spent a lifetime tackling it.”

Ms Clark also dismissed the perception that BLMB was an exclusively black group. She said the focus of the group is to root out everything that perpetuates or contributes towards structures of racism, and to dismantle them. This, in her opinion, takes a ‘multiracial approach’ along with an appreciation for ethnic minorities who express what it means to live with racism.

The demonstration will assemble at 10.30am outside the Old Gaol and process to the Cornwalls Meadow car park. Organisers have pledged their commitment to a peaceful protest and  the observation of social distancing rules.

The BLMB hopes the event will be similar to the Aylesbury Black Lives Matter march which took place in June. More than 1000 people gathered  to make their voices heard.

More details of the demonstration can be found on the Black Lives Matter Buckingham Facebook page.

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