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Boris Johnson told to ‘respect the rules’ by Emmanuel Macron as pair meet amid fishing row

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French president Emmanuel Macron has told Boris Johnson to “respect the rules” as the pair met following rising tensions over fishing, according to a French official.

It’s said that the two leaders spoke, with no other officials in attendance, in a face-to-face meeting at the G20 summit in Rome.

French news outlet BFM have reported that Mr Macron has aimed to take measures to ease the rising tension after the geopolitical bust-up over fishing licenses.

A French presidential advisor said that the president told the prime minister hat he expected seriousness and respect after a week of threats from each side of the Channel.

The meeting comes amid fears the UK and France only have until November 2 to come to an agreement over fishing rights before the French impose restrictions at some of their ports.

Tensions over post-Brexit fishing rights have been rising for months but issues hit the front pages again this as France seized a British scallop trawler, accusing the operators of fishing without a licence.

The British government is said to be keen to defuse the issue ahead of the COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

Writing on Twitter, France’s secretary of state for European Affairs, Clement Beaune, said: “Following the Brexit deal (TCA), access was due to be granted within days to EU boats.

“We have now been negotiating patiently and constructively for 10 months, replying to a series of detailed and additional requests from British authorities, boat by boat.

“What is the current situation? We do not lack just a few licences, but more than 40% of French detailed requests.

“For the EU as a whole, around 90% of the expected licences have been granted, but all the missing ones are French.

“This is why France asks for action at the EU level, within the framework of the TCA, and stands ready to implement proportionate and reversible measures from 2 November, as we have announced repeatedly since last April.

“These measures are fully in line with the TCA.

“It’s positive to read that the UK cares about the TCA; France and the EU expect its full respect and implementation, regarding fishing rights, the Northern Ireland protocol and all other – agreed and ratified – matters.”

Image source: Sky News

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