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Buckingham mourns its famous cat

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The University of Buckingham is mourning the loss of a much-loved presence, with the sad news that Dennis the university cat has died, according to Buckingham Advertiser.

News broke on Wednesday, March 31, on Dennis’s own Facebook page, The Adventures of Dennis the Cat, that Dennis had died after being hit by a car outside the Vinson Building.

People were quick to post tributes to the popular feline, who was well known on campus and had been a comfort to locked-down students during the pandemic.

Alison Cameron, from the university bookshop, posted on Facebook: “My Darling little Bookshop buddy – Dennis. We will miss you so much. You were a taker of treats, a master of every place you chose to grace with your presence but mostly a wonderful furry friend who always knew who needed your company. I can’t quite and don’t want to believe it.”

A university spokesman told the Advertiser: “We send our heartfelt condolences to Dennis’ owners. For the last decade, Dennis has been a much-loved member of our university family. He has comforted and delighted university students and staff. He loved to visit staff in all the university offices and his presence made a visit to the university extra special for many, many visitors to Buckingham. He has been a comfort to students who have been on campus in lockdown.

“He will be sorely missed by the university community but his memory will live on. His Facebook page filled with hundreds of lovely pictures of Dennis on campus brightening up the day for students and staff alike is full of wonderful memories to treasure. RIP Dennis.”

The university’s former vice-chancellor, Sir Anthony Seldon, spoke of the comfort Dennis had given him, after his wife died.

He said: “Dennis touched everyone he met. He used to sit on my sofa and even sat in my in tray sometimes.”I couldn’t resist giving him a saucer of milk when he followed me home to my vice-chancellor’s residence.

“He was a source of comfort to me after my wife Joanna passed away. Animals are so important for wellbeing. Many students have told me that giving him a cuddle really gave them a boost.”

A blue plaque memorial to Dennis has been suggested, and tributes are being added to the ‘Dennis’ tree outside the Vinson Centre.

And Bard of Buckingham, Dean Jones, has written a tribute to Buckingham’s most famous cat, entitled ‘Morning Dennis’. See

Images sourced from: Buckingham Advertiser

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