Buckingham River Rinse returns this weekend clearing the Great Ouse

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The annual River Rinse in Buckingham returns this weekend to clear out debris from the Great Ouse, according to Bucks Herald.

On Sunday (25 September), Buckingham Town Council staff, councillors, volunteers from the Stowe Sub Aqua Group and members of the public will meet to clear out a stretch of the river.

Fallen branches and debris are removed helping to maintain the flow of the river.
In the past findings in the areas being covered this year have included, old bottles, a laptop, tires, traffic cones and more.

Volunteers are beginning the rinse at Chandos Park and will head up stream through the university grounds to Fishers Field.

Would-be volunteers can join the fulfilling rinse at the island car park at the university.

Participants are meeting at the car park at 10:15am with a view to starting the clearout 15 minutes later.

Volunteers are advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear, while litter pickers, gloves and bags will be provided. Children must be supervised at all times by parents or guardian.

Volunteers will be clearing all sorts out of the River Great Ouse
A second rinse is planned in two Sundays time at the bypass bridge in Bourton Park and working upstream towards the cricket club.
The second rinse is on 9 October and participants are meeting at the car park in Bourton Park at 10:15am.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury, said: “For two decades, the town council, Stowe Sub Aqua Group and members of the community come together to maintain the river and look after its environment. We look forward to seeing anyone who would like to come along and be part of this community project.”

Image Source:  Bucks Herald

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