Buckingham woman wins hundreds in free lottery

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Laura Elleray, a 29-year-old procurement specialist at Anglian Water, was “completely shocked” to find she’d won £415 on Pick My Postcode, a free online lottery.

Since signing up to the lottery in March, Laura uses the daily email reminder to check for a win.

She said: “I was completely shocked, I almost clicked off and didn’t realise.“It means so much, as I live on my own, so having a bit of a cushion to help through the coming months, it’s amazing.”

Asked what she planned to do with her winnings, Laura said: “Is it boring to say ‘heating’? But also a nice meal out with wine.”

Entry to the Pick My Postcode lottery is free, as the draws are funded entirely by advertising revenue. Those aged over 18 who want to take part can register their email and postcode online.

A postcode is chosen randomly at noon each day for the £200 main jackpot, and members have until noon the following day to check online and claim their prize.

If unclaimed, the money rolls over to the following day. In addition to the main draw, members can take part in other daily bonus draws.

Members get a daily reminder to check the site to see if their postcode has won in any of the nine draws. A total of nearly £20,000 has been paid out to Bucks residents since 2017.

Laura added: “I was always a bit sceptical that I’d ever win anything, but even just building my bonus checking and answering was enough and eventually paid off.”

Image Source: Bucks Herald

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