School pupils to receive career advice from business professionals

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Hundreds of pupils from Buckingham and Towcester will once again get “invaluable” careers advice from business professionals – many of them innovating in the tech world – as part of the Silverstone Park Schools Programme.

The programme was first launched in 2018 in response to concerns by local employers about a skills shortage. This spring, it will work with more than 600 Year 8 and 9 students at The Buckingham School, Sponne School in Towcester and Kingsthorpe College in Northampton.

About 30 business volunteers representing companies at Silverstone Park and in the Silverstone Technology Cluster will take part in career activity days in each school as reported from the Bucks herald

Students will be invited to tour Silverstone Park to see the careers and skills in businesses there. They include businesses operating in advanced engineering, manufacturing, electronics and software development in sectors such as aerospace, agri-tech, automotive, defence, energy, marine, motorsport (including F1) and space. Other businesses in areas such as construction, marketing, media and recruitment are also participating.

Ruth Williams, of Silverstone Park developer MEPC said, “We are delighted to be heading back into schools with the Silverstone Park Schools Programme which aims to inform, inspire and give confidence to young people for the future.

“Opening young people’s eyes to the types of careers that exist – some of which might not be obvious – is essential in being able to show them there is something for everyone.”


Ahead Partnership, which specialises in projects that seek to overcome inequality and promote opportunity, is managing the programme in its fifth year.


CEO Stephanie Burras said, “We’re really proud to be working with Silverstone Park to manage this exciting programme, which is set to engage hundreds of local young people with careers and skills development opportunities over the next academic year.

“Silverstone Park is an inspiring workplace location, home to some really dynamic and forward-thinking businesses across industries offering incredible opportunities over the coming years.

“This programme will give students first hand insight into how businesses on their doorstep are helping to develop the technologies of the future, and help young people understand how they themselves can pursue rewarding careers in this space.”

Phil Cunningham, careers lead at The Buckingham School said, “The advice and confidence that the business volunteers give our students – and also their parents – is invaluable.”Each activity provided by the Silverstone Park Schools Programme provides an exciting look into many types of careers and career paths that most young people would otherwise simply be unaware of.”

Ann Warner, careers learning lead at Sponne School said, “It’s a real privilege to be part of the programme. The business volunteers genuinely have the interests of students at heart and help them to understand it’s not just academic results but also attitude, application and initiative that can lead to some really remarkable careers – many of which are right on their doorstep at Silverstone Park.”

Kingsthorpe deputy head Scott Wade said, “We have been fortunate to be a partner school to the programme since its inception and it has proved invaluable in giving guidance, motivation and perspective for students as they prepare to make the important decisions about which subjects and career paths to follow”



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