Countdown to Buckingham’s loss of Fairtrade status

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After 16 years of proudly declaring itself a Fairtrade Town, Buckingham is about to lose its Fairtrade title in a month’s time, the bucks herald reports.

Buckingham gained its Fair-trade Town status in 2007, with support from the Town’s Council. For 18 years, a small but dedicated steering group promoted fair-trade in town by organizing awareness events and promotional materials during spring and autumn events in the Old Gaol and marketplace. 

As all three current members of the group are ready to step down. Two of them have been involved since the very beginning, before the Fairtrade status was granted. 

The group put out an appeal for new, enthusiastic members back in October, but nobody put themselves forward, so the steering group has resolved to wind up. Buckingham will cease to be a Fairtrade Town from July 2023. 

Steering group chair Margaret Gateley said: “We would like to see Buckingham retain its Fairtrade Town status and are looking for fresh volunteers with a passion for Fairtrade, environmental and ethical farming and manufacturing. 

“Without such support, we feel it is time we stepped down from the group, which will mean that Buckingham will no longer have that accolade.”  

While the town’s fair trade steering group is being wound up, signs of fair-trade can still be found within local stores, such as Tesco, Sainsbury, Oxfam and Waitrose. 

Shelves proudly display fair trade products like chocolates and bananas, reminding us of the impact fair-trade has had on the town over the years 

On the Buckingham Town Council website, it explains that fairtrade is important because it creates a guaranteed fair price, asocial premium for investing in the education, health and welfare of the communities as well as fair working conditions.

With the town close to losing its fair- trade title, will the commitment to fostering fairness, equality, and sustainability in global trade fade away? Only time will tell.


IMAGE SOURCE: Bucks Herald 

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