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Frédéric and Justin put spring in your step.

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“Cause everything’s gonna be alright, ai-ai-ai-a’ight”.

You do not sound very convinced singing it Justin; I wonder how your millions of fans are completely reassured about that “everything”.

Perhaps it is the power of the Klein.

Nevertheless, let us sing you the happy birthday song alongside Frédéric that share with you today on the 1st of March his birthday.

Speaking of which, wordless instrumental opera’s ain’t convincingly reassuring either Monsieur Chopin. Not to mention that seeing ain’t aesthetically alluring.

I presume you are more satisfactory over the ears rather than the eyes.

Both ways, nothing indeed is reassuring this year…

All over the decades, music has proved to us its loyalty; How much of a significant companionship it is and how instant, yet cheap it can transport us anywhere we want. I wish if airline companies could have adopted such mottoes.

Today, at the time when travelling became risky, music has demonstrated again, how safe, and potent its travelling power can be, even whilst we are stuck amid four walls and discordant zoom calls.

Despite our taste of music, Chopin and Bieber have managed to reach us voluntary or involuntary, throughout their distinctive strains of music.

Happy Listening.


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