Gawcott Road traffic chaos

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Drivers in Buckingham are suffering long delays in reaching their destinations because of roadworks on Gawcott Road.
Temporary traffic lights at the end of Mitre Street, Bath Lane and Sandhurst Drive have been installed while BT engineers dig a 50m trench to lay cables.
Cars are confined to a narrow single lane. This has meant that goods vehicles using Gawcott Rd, already a tricky undertaking because of normal street parking, have added to the congestion.
Motorist Jess Wylie posted on Facebook:

“What’s the point in have the traffic lights up if you’re going to have a massive lorry blocking the road at the top?

We’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes and been made to reverse back down and squeeze into tiny gap next to a big van.”
A Bucks County Council spokesman said that the works in progress were a “substantial project”.
The roadworks are scheduled to last until April 23.

Photo: Jess Wylie

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