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General election: Voting information in time for December general election

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A general election will take place on December 12th 2019 across the UK. The House of Commons voted by an overwhelming majority of 438 to 20 in favour of a parliamentary election.

It would be the first December election since 1923 and is set to be dominated by debate over the UK’s delayed departure from the EU. To vote in a general election you must be registered to vote and 18 or above on polling day.

In a general election students can only vote in one place. Students can either vote using their university or their home address.

The UCAS website explains that students are able to register to vote at a home and term-time addresses but only in local elections. However, in general elections, you will only be able to vote in one location. It is a criminal offense to vote twice.

The application to register must reach the electoral registration office by midnight, 12 working days before polling day on December 12th 2019.

How to vote?
If you’re not sure if you’re already registered to vote, you can check by getting in touch with your current local authority. Enter your postcode on the Government website to find your local electoral registration office and contact them directly. If it turns out you’re not on the electoral roll, you can register online.

To register online you need your National Insurance number, date of birth and address.

If students are already registered at their home address, they could use a postal vote or proxy vote if they are not home on election day.

People who are working away from home or on holiday on election day can also vote by post, or proxy which means nominating someone to cast a vote for you. Your proxy must be aged 18 or over and also registered. If you are suddenly incapacitated or taken ill on polling day, you can apply for an emergency proxy up until 17:00 on the day.

How can I register for a postal vote?

Anyone in England, Scotland and Wales can apply for a postal vote. No reason needs to be given, unless voting in Northern Ireland. Postal vote application forms must be returned by 17:00, 11 working days before the poll.

How to apply for a proxy vote?
Apply for a proxy vote using a paper form. You need to send it to your local Electoral Registration Office.
Usually, you need to apply for a proxy vote at least 6 working days before election day if you want to vote in England, Scotland or Wales. There’s a different form to apply to vote by proxy in Northern Ireland. Apply at least 14 working days before election day.

How do I register to vote if I live abroad?

You can register as an overseas voter if you are a British citizen and have been on a UK electoral register in the past 15 years. You will have to register in the local area where you were last registered before moving overseas.

You must be a British citizen, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, or a Commonwealth citizen who meets certain eligibility criteria. You must live in the UK or be a British citizen abroad who has been registered to vote in the last 15 years.

Can I register to vote if I do not have a fixed address?
If you do not have a permanent address, you can register by filling in a “declaration of local connection” form.

For more information visit the website.

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