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Government warns that flooding risks for English properties will double in 30 years if urgent investments aren’t made.

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According to Sky News.

The number of England’s properties at risk of flooding from heavy rainfall could double in the next 30 years unless the government tackles dodgy drainage, its advisers have warned.

NIC reports that about 325,000 homes and businesses are already at risk of flooding from so-called “surface water flooding” from heavy rain.

A combination of increasing rain and unmanaged developments could put 295,000 additional properties at high risk of flooding by 2055, unless the government increases investment.

River pollution and drought have dominated public discussion about water recently, the commissioners say, “but we risk ignoring a problem that can literally drop out of the sky at any moment”.

It comes as the head of the Environment Agency warned a failure to adapt to climate breakdown will threaten the UK’s economy, health and countryside.

In a speech to the Institute for Government today, James Bevan said that the longer action is delayed on adaptation, the bigger the bill that will be handed to our children.

“This is not what the next generation need on top of the rising cost of living,” he said.

Climate adaptation could include flood defences, planting trees to cool cities during heatwaves, or developing more heat-resistant crops.

Flooding from heavy rain is different to coastal or river flooding and tends to afflict urban areas in particular. It is often highly localised and hard to predict.

More than 1,500 properties were damaged in London’s widespread flooding in July 2021, in addition to the city’s public transportation and health facilities.


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