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Hospital bosses defend Ross Kemp about Coronavirus documentary

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Milton Keynes University hospital bosses have defended their decision to let Ross Kemp film a coronavirus documentary at their hospital, reports the Daily Mirror.

The new series, Ross Kemp: On the NHS Frontline, will give viewers insight and access behind the scenes on the challenges NHS workers face as they try to defeat COVID-19.

Ross went behind the scenes of the hospital to show the realities of coronavirus and he promoted the series on his social media.

(Source credit: Ross Kemp/Twitter)

Many people expressed their frustrations that the former soap star was allowed into hospitals but family and friends weren’t able to see their loved-ones who were bed-bound.

However, Milton Keynes University hospital’s spokesperson has defended the investigative journalist’s visit to film the documentary.

It was stressed the documentary was vital in showing the public they must stay home to protect the NHS.

Also, the documentary has been used to show other elements of the hospital were still in full swing from maternity wards to emergency units.

The statement from Milton Keynes University hospital read: “We have seen a number of questions and concerns raised following the news that Ross Kemp is filming a documentary at Milton Keynes University Hospital.”

The statement added, “after discussions with NHS England, we believed it was important to give a mainstream media outlet controlled access to the hospital so that the public could be informed and reassured about the response of hospitals to COVID-19.”

The decision to film a documentary was taken “jointly by NHS England and the hospital’s executive directors in collaboration with the clinical teams.”




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