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Leah Croucher: Deadly suspect in teen murder case

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Unidentified remains, a bag, and other personal belongings of the 19-year-old were discovered at a Milton Keynes residence on Wednesday, according to the BBC.

Leah Croucher’s death is thought to have been caused by a convicted sex offender who passed away three years prior, according to police.
Neil Maxwell, who committed suicide in April 2019, has been identified by Thames Valley Police as the murder suspect.
When Miss Croucher vanished, he was the only person with access to the premises, according to the police.

Neil Maxwell, a convicted sex offender, is thought by police to be responsible for Leah’s demise.

If Maxwell were still alive today, we would be seeking his arrest in connection with this inquiry so that he could be questioned under oath to give his story, according to Det Ch Supt Ian Hunter.
The kid was last seen on local CCTV on Friday, February 15, 2019, in the city of Buckinghamshire.
Following a tip-off phone call from a member of the public, police started searching the Furzton home on Loxbeare Drive on Monday night.
There will still be police present at the residence and in the neighbourhood because the force has stated that the forensic investigations at the scene could span “many weeks.”
Formally identifying the remains would also “take some time,” according to the authorities. A post-mortem investigation is ongoing.

John, Claire, and Jade Croucher, Leah’s parents and her sister, stood outside admiring the flowers.

The parents of Miss Croucher wrote a message on the flowers they had placed, promising to “cherish her memory forever.”
We just have to be away for a little while longer, it said. “Our deepest fears have been realised. You have already been missed for a very long time. Now that we are aware that we won’t ever see or hear your smile or laughing again, the future seems so dismal. We shall always treasure our memories of you.
A group of mourners also left a handwritten note linked to a bouquet of yellow flowers outside the residence, signed “Nan and Grandad.”
“Our beloved, we won’t ever give up looking for solutions,” it said. I’ll always love and miss you.Outside the house, a message with “Nan and Grandadsignature “‘s was left.

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