Lockdown Stories

Lockdown Stories: “COVID 19” by Roderick Groundes-Peace

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After all the fuss

Before the virus struck

Could we have understand better?

Death was not just a number

Every one mattered

For each family

Given no choice

Heaven knows this was tough

If only we had known

Just for a moment

Kindness became the norm

Little by little

Must we reprieve this all?

Not just night by night

Only for another repetition of the five tests

Possibly there could be a better way….

Rather than regrets for the dead’s families

Silent prayers at home, not in churches

Thus it was, for then

Until a better time was found

Very little could be learnt

Wishing it was otherwise was useless

Extra vigilance via trace or app

Yes, it could have been better handled

Zen might be a useful concept, rather than apportion blame

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