Lockdown Stories

Lockdown Stories: “Slowly Unnoticed Along The Hedgerows” by Stephen Hobbs

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Bards in LockdownStephen Hobbs – 7th Bard of Stony Stratford

Slowly unnoticed along the hedgerows 

Slowly, unnoticed along the hedgerows

its fingers plucking at our busy lives

it creeps in slyly; but we’re distracted

to find ourselves the prey on which it thrives.


So, fearful of ourselves we walk apart,

growing cold with fear in a warming world;

a predator who feels the need to pray

whilst a glorious new spring is unfurled.


And then something else: unexpectedly

a “Good Morning” or a “Good Afternoon”,

as we discover old kindnesses and

expectations to see our loved ones soon.


And now it’s here: birdsong and butterflies,

and though we fear our future is unknown

this regeneration calls out to us,

reminding us that we are not alone.

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