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Lockdown Story: Marley’s got nothing on Lexi!

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been badgering my parents to get a dog and after 16+ years of trying, they finally yielded.

We recently moved house, which was what finally allowed me to convince them as our new house is much bigger, and after a lot of research and planning decided we would adopt a greyhound from the Brambleberry branch of the Greyhound Trust.

Our new dog, Lexi, moved in just before lockdown began and has honestly made the experience entertaining to say the least.

Lexi is a very young dog, being just 3 years 6 months old.

She has lots of energy (at least what can be deemed lots of energy for a breed nicknamed the 45 mph couch potato) and has already wound my family and I around her paw.

For those of you who do not know much about greyhounds, they are lovely dogs but are hardly what would be considered the sharpest knife in the kitchen. This is what my family and I prepared for. Lexi, however,  is not your average greyhound. She has successfully figured out how to open doors, climb up and down stairs, etc.

Lexi has an unhealthy fascination with footballs. She loves to chase them and she loves killing them even more to the point where she has no issue going 0 to 40 in mere seconds in the middle of a walk… with you still attached to the lead.

Our dog can only be described as having great intelligence when it suits her. She is suddenly smart enough to know what you want her to do if a hotdog is involved, but mere minutes later sees no issue stopping traffic to empty her bladder!

Its still early days and no two days are the same. I can happily say we love having her with us, but she has completely turned our world upside down.

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