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Milkshaking Enters Collin Dictionary

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Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson attacks see ‘milkshaking’ added to the ‘Brexicon’.

Collins Dictionary has released a list of words which have come into use since the EU referendum of 2016.

The act of “milkshaking” has earned itself a place on a Brexit themed list of vocabulary following several notable incidents in which public figures were targeted.

Nigel Farage, Brexit Party leader, was covered in a salted caramel and banana milkshake from Five Guys as he carried out his campaign in Newcastle in May.

The attack, which saw the drink-thrower, Paul Crowther, ordered to pay Mr Farage compensation, came just weeks before Robinson was felted from a similarly sweet and sticky drink from McDonalds.

The English Defence League founder, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was out campaigning in the EU elections, which would see him only receive a mere 2.2% of the vote in the North West.

Other phrases and words and phrases that made it into the so called ‘Brexicon’ include:

Brexiety- noun- a state of heightened anxiety triggered by concerns about the imminent withdrawal of Britain from the European Union.

No-deal- adjective- denoting a situation in which two parties fail to reach an agreement about how to proceed.

Project fear- noun- a name given to any political campaign that seeks to arouse public alarm about proposed changes to the status quo.

The Brexicon comes after Collins named Brexit as its word of the year for 2016.


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