Morph ‘will be back’ on TV

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One of the men behind Aardman Animations character Morph has revealed the flexible orange hero is coming back in a new series.

Morph made his debut with Tony Hart in classic BBC1 childrens’ programmes in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

But – though there are new videos of his adventures online – it’s 20 years since he’s regularly been on TV.

Details of which channel will show the new episodes, and when they’ll be broadcast, haven’t yet been disclosed.

Peter Lord, who created Morph with his friend David Sproxton, said: “It’s so new, I can’t reveal where it’ll be but, yes, a five-minute series. I think maybe fifteen five-minute stories.

“As we speak, back at the studio in Bristol, they’re building the sets in readiness.”

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