Nine in 10 UK adults still wearing masks

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Despite face masks no longer being mandatory, about nine in 10 adults in the UK are still wearing them at least some of the time, according to The Guardian.

Most coronavirus restrictions ended on 19 July, but the use of face coverings indoors and in crowded spaces is still recommended.

The coronavirus reproduction number in England had gone up.

The R-value was now between 0.9 and 1.2 compared to 0.8 and 1 last week.

Reproduction number above 1 leads to an exponential growth of infections.

Despite the recommendation and rising R-value, MPs didn’t use face masks during an Afghanistan crisis debate in the crowded House of Commons.

In Scotland and Wales, wearing face masks in public indoor places and public transport is still mandatory.

89% of adults in England wore a face mask during the past seven days outside their home, especially while shopping.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) data also suggests that 87% of adults would get an additional coronavirus jab if offered.

The majority of our hospitalised Covid patients are unvaccinated and regret delaying,” said England’s chief medical officer, Prof Chris Whitty. “Some are very sick, including young adults. Please don’t delay your vaccine,” he added.

The ONS data suggests that with older age, people are more open to booster jabs.

96% of seniors over the age of 70 is interested in getting another shot compared to 78% of those aged 16- to 29-years.

The ONS surveyed 3,130 people in the UK between 11 and 15 August.

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