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Pope Francis appeals for security of Nigerian citizens

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In the wake of the deadly attacks in the north of Nigeria, Pope Francis urges Nigeria to guarantee the safety of it’s citizens.

As authorities in Kaduna have said security forces are launching a total war against armed gangs who are blamed for the kidnappings as well as the killings in the northern region.

The Pope then prayed for those who were killed and injured as a result of the lack of security from the government, as over the weekend dozens of people were murdered in Kaduna state.

He said in his weekly general audience in the Vatican on Wednesday – “I learned with sorrow of the news of the armed attacks last Sunday against the villages of Madamai and Abun, in northern Nigeria,”

“I hope that the safety of every citizen might be guaranteed in the country,” he added.

Kaduna state has been a target for attacks which target schools, kidnapping hundreds of innocent children for ransom as well as armed bandit attacks in the recent months.

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