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Students face shortened term to self-isolate before family Christmas

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Education secretary, Gavin Williamson, stated that universities in the UK could finish autumn term early so any students who have to self-isolate could go home for the holidays.

The number of universities that contained confirmed cases have increased by nine since Monday, making it a total of 49. There have been confirmed cases in Leeds, Sunderland, Essex, Glasgow and Swansea universities.

“We are going to work with universities to make sure that all students are supported to return home safely to spend Christmas with their loved ones, if they choose to do so.” said Mr Williamson.

The UCU lecturers’ union, Jo Grady, has told Boris Johnson that the area that yields the highest percentage for infection are face-to-face teaching and student accommodations, and that he should take action into switching to online teaching.

Mr Williamson said that universities could move all studies to online before the term ends, so students would have time to isolate and be home for Christmas.


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