Students relieved after exam board resolves error in 11+ paper

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A solution has been agreed for the 11+ error in Buckingham after students who took the exams found questions “impossible”.

In one of the questions in the Verbal Reasoning section, the answer could be found but the other answers didn’t match the options on the question paper. On another question in the same section, the answer could not be found on the answer sheet at all.

An investigation was carried out after concerns were raised by both parents and students. GL Assessments and Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools have announced that pupils will not need to resit the test. They added:

“All children will be awarded a mark for each of the two erroneous questions, thereby
ensuring no advantage or disadvantage from these two questions.

“In order to ensure no individual child is penalised for not being able to complete the
test, the last six questions of the Verbal Reasoning section will not count towards the
final mark.”

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