Tell us your story

Lockdown Stories – a space to share your thoughts and experiences. 

Here you can see, hear and read stories inspired by the lockdown.  At a time when we are all confined to our homes and unable to spend time with our loved ones, creating and sharing stories is a great way to make sense of our experiences and connect to people.  We want this site to become an online community that develops creativity, connection and caring.

We are inviting all Buckinghamshire residents to tell a story here.

You might just want to read or listen.  You might feel moved to respond to someone else’s story.  We hope you will create and share your own story.

Your story might be inspired by:

  • Seeing something or someone in a new light
  • An unexpected ‘silver lining’ from your isolation
  • An old memory or story given a new life

To submit your story please email  Stories can be submitted as video, voice recording, images, text or combination of all (please note: stories must be suitable for audiences of all ages).

if your video file is bigger than 25MB, use a large-size transfer service such as or

This Lockdown Stories site is a partnership between the University of Buckingham and Buckinghamshire Culture, and is a small step towards wider plans for a Storytelling Festival for Buckinghamshire in the future.