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Thames Valley Police record drop in burglary incidents

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Thames Valley Police saw a 39% drop in burglary reports in November 2020 according to the Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser.

While burglaries represented 6.8% of all reports made to police in the area in November 2019, they represented 4.3% of offences reported during the same month last year.

Insurance company Aviva warned that although some burglars may have been deterred due to the nationwide lockdown, research finds that nearly two-thirds of burglaries happen while people are in their homes.

Kelly Whittington, property claims director at Aviva, said: “Overall the number of UK home theft claims we received in November 2020 was lower than November 2019.

“However, lockdown has not put a stop to all criminal activity unfortunately and we would still encourage people to remain vigilant, even when they are at home.

“Most burglaries are opportunistic, so if a door or window is left unlocked, someone can be in and out of a house in just a few seconds.

“And if we’re at home but on another floor or in another room, we may not even be aware of an intruder, until it’s too late.”



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