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Thousands gather across UK to demand affordable childcare

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According to the BBC.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in central London on Saturday to urge the government to reform the childcare sector and parental leave.

March of the Mummies demonstrators want “affordable childcare, flexible working, and properly paid parental leave”.

The event was one of several marches held in cities across the UK including Bristol, Glasgow, and Norwich.

The government said it was “committed to supporting working parents and helping them participate” in work.

But speaking in London, Labour MP Stella Creasy said comments by Rishi Sunak likening maternity leave to a holiday reflected that he “(doesn’t) really know what he’s talking about”.

Speaking to the PA news agency, she added: “We’ve got a cost-of-living crisis and an economy that isn’t growing.

“You can’t solve either of those challenges without investing in childcare.

“For me, investing in childcare pays off because the more women – and it is mainly women being penalised by this – can work, the more families can make choices that work for them.”

Families including young children donned bandages, vampire costumes, and witches’ hats as they took part in the events.




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