TOWIE star downplays airplane row

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Gemma Collins, star of The Only Way Is Essex,  downplayed reports she was involved in an altercation with a fellow passenger while travelling on a recent flight.

The reality star was filmed becoming agitated after the person sat in front of her reclined her seat.

Gemma was sat leaning on her tray table with her head resting against the seat in front, and in a video obtained by the MailOnline could be heard complaining that it kept hitting her.

Eyewitnesses on board the UK-bound flight from Mykonos in Greece told the MailOnline that scenes not captured on video were much more tense.

They claimed Gemma had shouted at the passenger, saying: “What the fuck are you doing, babe?”

“Stop fucking moving, stop fucking moving, just leave it, it’s fine.”

However, a spokesperson for the former TOWIE star had a different version of events.

“All Gemma did was like many passengers do in a busy air plane is ask for someone to be considerate to her,” they said.

“It was a gentle request and was in no way a row.”

Gemma is currently appearing in her own fly-on-the-wall reality show on ITVBe, which got off to a controversial start earlier this month when her ‘diva’ behaviour proved to be too rude for some.

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