Youngsters feel ‘fobbed off’ over late delivery of Buckingham skate park

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A Buckingham councillor has said that youngsters in the area feel ‘fobbed off’ over the lack of communication over the delayed revamp of the town skate park, according to Bucks Herald.

Last year Bucks Council pushed back the construction date to late autumn, but a year later work still hasn’t begun on the park.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury, who hosted a skateboarding showcase last weekend as part of Buckingham Fringe Week, reported that skaters are losing faith in the council over the delayed project.

Speaking at a full council meeting, Councillor Stuchbury said: “We had a wonderful skate park event in Buckingham at the weekend, as part of the Fringe which I am so happy to be chairman of.

“But on the sad side of it, at the end of the event we were reminded by the young people that we had made statements to the effect, that we were going to replace that.

“No matter how hard I worked to try and convince them that these were circumstances which were beyond my control when you talk to young people, they don’t get that.

“They just think that you’re fobbing them off and you haven’t got a real reason.

Councillor Robin Stuchbury
Councillor Robin Stuchbury

“So can I ask the cabinet member to go and urgently look at this matter and make some social media communication around this to try and advise the young people that he has not forgot them?”

In response Councillor Clive Harris said: “I have literally just sent an email asking where exactly we have got to with the skate park.

“I’m on top of that. As far as the young people are concerned we will put an announcement out on social media, so they can pick up on what is going on.

“I want to deliver it as soon as possible, we are still waiting on the Environment Agency.

“When we have a build date, I’ll let you know.”

An Environment Agency spokesman told the Bucks Herald: “Decisions to grant or deny planning applications are ultimately a matter for local authorities.

“Our role is to ensure that no development poses an increased risk of flooding or harm to the environment.

“We have received an application for a flood risk activity permit for the development. We are talking to the applicant in order for our specialist officers to decide whether the work has a detrimental effect on flood risk or the environment. We will make our decision in due course.”

The new skate park will cost £200,000 to build and will consist of a variety of ramps, suitable for riders of different abilities.

Grinding rails and small boxes are also included within the modern design.

Image source: Bucks Herald

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