1,000-year-old skeletons found buried under Buckingham building site

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The 42 skeletons with their hands bound behind their backs were found on a local building site in Aylesbury and are said to be dated back to Anglo Saxon times they could be the nation’s biggest historical burial from that period. The skeletons were discovered on a farmland set to be developed as a retirement living complex, however it is unknown how they got there.

Buckingham County Council member, Bill Chapple, said it could take months to discover more details of the human remains such as gender, age, origins and cause of death.
Robin Stuchbury, a councillor for Buckingham South, said: “This find is of great historical significance to Buckingham and it should not be hushed up.
“I am aware that the bodies were found in December. There were more than 40 of them and they had their hands bound behind their backs, which infers they were prisoners of some kind.
“They could date from Anglo Saxon times, when there were killings in Buckingham, or from during the Civil War, which also saw casualties. Or they could be criminals who were hanged on the gallows in the town.
“The fact is, we have a right to know. This is part of our history.”

Places for People, who are the developers on the site and their London PR company called Oracle, also failed to provide a comment.

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