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Iran has seized another tanker in the Gulf Strait of Hormuz, shortly after seizing two other foreign tankers weeks ago making this the third tanker that Iran has seized following the seizure of a British and a Liberian Tanker. Iran claims this tanker it has recently seized was “smuggling fuel”.

The spree of seizing tankers started after British authorities in Gibraltar seized an Iranian tanker bound for Syria in violation of sanctions imposed on Iran following increased tension in the Gulf.

Tensions have escalated in Iran following the Iranian Army shooting down a U.S drone in early July, prompting the U.S to increase security patrols in the Strait of Hormuz and The U.S is now forming a coalition to deal with the threat of the Iranian aggression and Israel and the UK have recently joined it.

Meanwhile, there is worry over the safety of the crew of the seized British Tanker Stena Impero, who were interned when it was seized a month ago. Iran says it is open to negotiation but has said that sanctions must be removed firs

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