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A poll shows half of Britons don’t have time to help the environment

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A new survey has surfaced with findings that more than half of Britain want to save their wildlife crisis , however, many just don’t have the time.

According to the 2019 State of Nature Report, it revealed that 15 per cent of wildlife species have been classified as at threat of extinction.

But a survey by The National Lottery found nearly a third of individuals said they don’t have enough time to help wildlife while a fifth (19 per cent) admitted they didn’t know what they could do.

The National Lottery has now teamed up with wildlife expert Chris Packham CBE and entrepreneur Jamal Edwards, the initiative is to show how anyone can preserve natural habitats in a growing urban world.

Packham said: “As a society, we’re more aware than ever of the need to protect natural habitats,”

He also said: “lots of people don’t know what practical steps they can take in their daily lives to help”

For the past 25 years the National Lottery has poured in £829m into natural heritage conservation across the UK.

Mr Edwards said: “I never thought that buying a National Lottery ticket could not only make someone a millionaire but could also go towards saving a species or helping conserve nature in the UK”





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