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Almost 200 victims of kidnap rescued in Nigeria

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It is said by the police in the North West Region of Nigeria that they have been able to rescue almost 187 villagers who were abducted from their homes by suspected criminal gangs.

These gangs have been the ones responsible for a wave of violence that includes killings as well as kidnappings and some of the targets being schoolchildren.

The victims include the young and elderly people even some nursing mothers with their babies were said to have spent several weeks in captivity and were therfore freed by security forces which came about from an operation in Tsibiri forest in Zamfara state,  said Mohammed Shehu a police spokesman.

The victims experienced harsh conditions before they were rescued as they came back looking hungry and emaciated. They have then been handed over to the state government for medical checks to get them back to being and looking healthy before they are allowed to go back to their families.



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