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Boots to offer coronavirus testing

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High street pharmacy Boots is offering covid-19 tests to the people in the UK and can provide a result in 12 minutes.

The nasal swab test costs £120 and will be available in more than 50 stores across the UK to anyone who does not show symptoms. The test has been approved by health authorities in Europe and the US.

Out of 500 patients, the test was able to accurately detect more than 97% of cases. The equipment will be connected to a cloud system that could allow speedy tracking of any outbreaks of covid-19. The covid-19 test technology is developed by UK-based life sciences company LumiraDx, and it is said to be faster than other tests that are currently being trialled.

The service is also currently available pre-flight for customers that require a proof of testing before travelling to some countries and also available for people who wants to do it just in case.

Depending on customer demands, Boots may extend to 200 stores over the coming months.

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News credit: BBC

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