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Boris Johnson to invest £160 million in offshore wind power

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Boris Johnson promises to build a greener UK in his speech on Tuesday by investing in offshore wind energy.

This project comes after Mr Johnson’s pledge at a United Nations biodiversity summit to protect 30% of UK’s nature. Mr Johnson will pledge £160 million in order to upgrade factories and ports to build wind turbines and produce enough electricity to power every home in the UK by 2030.

The turbines will be manufactured in Teeside and Humber in northern England, and in Scotland and Wales as well. This is part of a 10-point plan to eventually progress towards net zero emissions by 2050, meaning greenhouse gas emissions would be cut down and slowing climate change.

Mr Johnson believes that “offshore wind will be powering every home in the country”.

This project also plans to create 2,000 construction jobs and support 60,000 more, and eventually become “the world leader in clean wind energy”.

Photo by Rawfilm on Unsplash

News Credit: BBC

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