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Boris Johnson urges parents to send children back to school

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UK Prime Minister has pleaded with British parents to send their children back to school when they reopen next week, according to the BBC.

Most children haven’t been to school since closures in March amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Mr Johnson has claimed it is ‘vitally important’ they return next week.

The prime minister cited physical and mental health concerns for children if they were not to go back after signing a joint statement with the UK’s four chief medical officers assuring parents of the safety of reopening schools.

There has been growing concern among some teachers regarding the safety of staff and students but Mr Johnson has insisted that the risk is ‘very small’ and that classrooms will be ‘COVID-secure.’

Boris Johnson said: “The best way to tackle any mental health problems is to get our kids into school in September.

“This is why it’s vitally important that we get our children back into the classroom to learn and to be with their friends.

“Nothing will have a greater effect on the life chances of our children than returning to school.”

The UK’s chief medical advisor, Prof Chris Witty said: “Many more (children) were likely to be harmed by not going than harmed by going (to school).

“There’s also very clear evidence from the UK and around the world that children much less commonly get a severe illness and end up having to be hospitalised if they get symptomatic Covid.”

Image source: Sky

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