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Buckingham and Milton Keynes to share MP

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City MP Iain Stewart will be standing in a new constituency that spans as far as Buckingham in the next general election, according to the Milton Keynes Citizen.

Currently Mr Stewart is the MP for MK South, while his Tory colleague Ben Everitt is MP for MK North. However, proposed new boundary changes mean Milton Keynes will be split into three constituencies and have three MPs.

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) review was launched in 2021 and aims to make the 650 seats across the UK roughly equal in terms of population size.

Under its proposals, MK North will ‘gain’ Stony Stratford while MK South will lose parts of Bletchley but gain other areas including e include Central Milton Keynes, Campbell Park and Broughton.

The new third constituency will be called Buckingham and Bletchley and, confusingly, it will span two local authorities – Milton Keynes Council and Buckinghamshire Council. This month local strategic consultant Johnny Luk was selected to stand for the Conservatives in Milton Keynes South in the next election.

Meanwhile, Iain Stewart has confirmed he will be standing for the brand new constituency, which means he will be dividing his loyalties with Buckingham and surrounding villages.

He said: “Boundary changes mean that my current MK South seat is split up into three new seats. I shall be contesting the proposed Buckingham & Bletchley seat but will remain MP for all of my current seat until the election is called.”

He added: “I would like to congratulate Johnny Luk on being selected as the Conservative Party Candidate for the new Milton Keynes South constituency at the next general election.

“Johnny is a hard-working and capable individual who will put the people of Milton Keynes South first, and I look forward to working with both him and Ben Everitt to deliver for the city and the people of Milton Keynes.”

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