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Buckingham buskers raise money for Ukraine victims

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The Buckingham Ukulele Group raised an amazing £1,200 for the Ukraine Emergency Appeal from a busking session outside Waitrose on Saturday, according to Bucks Herald.

Group member Maddie Coxhill had the idea while watching the TV news about Ukraine and group members enthusiastically agreed to support the cause.

Digging into their extensive repertoire of songs, the ukulele group performed to an appreciative crowd, who brought warmth to a damp, chilly morning by joining in with the singing.

Several people also showed off their dancing skills.

Thanks to people’s generosity, more than £1,200 was raised to help the victims of the appalling war in Ukraine who have had their lives and homes destroyed.

The money raised, which will be matched pound for pound by the government, included donations from Carnitas restaurant and Meadow Row Tea Rooms.

The group thanked the Buckingham public for being so generous with both their money and their applause.

It also thanked Waitrose for allowing it to play under cover, out of the rain.

A group spokesman said: “While it is sad that it is necessary that such fundraising is needed, it was great to see so many people willing to help in such a positive way.”

The Buckingham Ukulele Group will be back again outside Waitrose this Saturday (March 12), when it hopes to raise even more money.

Image Source: Bucks Herald

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