Buckingham library amongst places to be used as warm space during winter

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Bucks Council has relaunched its warm spaces initiative to provide free places people can visit to escape the cold.

These community hubs will take place in numerous Buckinghamshire libraries across the county.

This follows on from last winter, where the council opened up all of its community libraries as Welcoming Spaces. It is part of the local authority’s Helping Hand programme designed to assist people during the cost of living crisis.

There are a number of benefits to this initiative including providing warm, free, safe, and supportive places that any resident can visit at any time of year. They allow people to keep warm, save money on heating and access free support, advice and Wi-Fi, as well as meet new people.

In addition to this opening, the council is also working with local voluntary and community organisations to distribute free Warm Packs, gifting items such as a blanket and socks, to vulnerable residents.

Any community space can volunteer to become a part of this programme, simply by filling out an online form to express their interest.

Councillor Clive Harriss said: “Libraries are the perfect place for people to come to, if they are in need of some warmth and company. The initiative worked so well last year that we are keen to ensure that everyone knows they are once again open to all.”

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