Buckingham man appears on Countdown

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A man from Buckingham has appeared in three episodes of the Channel 4 show Countdown this week.

Tony Moore, aged 51, won on both the Monday and Tuesday show, only to be knocked out in Wednesday’s episode.

The local bus driver’s appearances on the show were filmed in December in Salford. Only his immediate family were allowed to know the outcome until the episodes were launched.

Tony has previously taken part in the Buckingham Town v Gown charity quiz, and is in a team competing in the weekly nationwide Online Quiz League.

“I was first recording of the day when I went up there. They do five a day, because they have the same guest in Dictionary Corner. It’s basically just one whole day’s filming, five episodes one after the other.” he explained.

“I think that’s the problem – once you’ve done two or three episodes, you do start to get sort of the brain fade and it’s quite tiring by the end.”

He has revealed that his next ambition is to appear on the ITV game show The Chase.

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