Buckingham residents plead for post box

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A councillor has criticised as ‘ludicrous’ Royal Mail’s refusal to install a post box for Buckingham’s 1,000 newest residents, according to Bucks Herald.

Residents of St Rumbold’s Fields on Tingewick Road have asked for their own post box, but Royal Mail has declined the request, because they say there are existing post boxes within half a mile of the estate – measured as the crow flies.

The nearest existing post box to St Rumbold’s Fields is on the corner of Bath Lane and Tingewick Road, and there is another within the measured half mile at the corner of Mitre Street and Gawcott Road.

A third is just over half a mile away, on Embleton Way.

But members of Buckingham Town Council’s Planning Committee have appealed to Royal Mail.

They say, in order to use the Bath Lane post box, residents would have to cross the 50mph Tingewick Road twice, as there is no footpath on the southern side, and there is no street lighting between St Rumbold’s Fields and Westfields.

The other two post boxes are even less accessible, they say.

They point out that, in addition to regular mail, a need for posting Covid test samples could arise again, and that less mobile residents often require postal votes.

Councillor Mark Cole wants a post box installed for residents of the new St Rumbold’s Way development

The planning committee has identified a perfect spot for a post box in the middle of the housing area, at King’s Sutton Square.

This is within a short distance of most of the 398 houses and has room for Royal Mail’s collection van to park without obstructing traffic.

Planning committee chairman Mark Cole said: “For Royal Mail to decide, without consultation, that a new 400-dwelling estate housing 1,000 people does not merit a post box is frankly ludicrous.

“Royal Mail delivers, so why the reluctance to collect post, as it does on all the other estates?

“Will they be telling us next that the 420 houses off Osier Way will not need a post box when that is completed?

“Given the risks in crossing Tingewick Road to get to the nearest post box in town, and similarly having to cross the bypass from the Osier Way development, we urge Royal Mail to reconsider.”

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