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Buckingham School raises over £9,000 for Ukraine

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A non-uniform day at the Royal Latin School has raised over £9,000 for Ukraine, according to Bucks Herald.

Students and staff wore yellow and blue to show solidarity with the Ukrainian population, with the whole school gathering on the front lawn to form a human Ukrainian flag.

With all fundraising now complete, the school has raised an amazing £9,377, which has been sent to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).

Formed in 1963, this is an umbrella group of 15 UK charities which is co-ordinating a collective appeal for funds to provide emergency aid and rapid relief to Ukrainian people affected by the current war.

At least three million people have fled their homes to escape the conflict in Ukraine, and DEC charities and their local partners are in Ukraine and neighbouring countries providing food, water, shelter and medical assistance.

The Royal Latin School flies the Ukrainian flag

Deputy head girl Evie McKenzie said: ” As students at RLS, we are painfully aware that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused thousands of deaths, both of civilians and of the military, and that this has meant the separation of families from the crossing of borders in an attempt to seek refuge.

“It is our duty to use our platform to aid those living in such calamitous times.

“We felt it was the least we could do to play our part to support those in desperate need.”

Headteacher David Hudson said: “I think we have all been feeling powerless as we have witnessed the terrible scenes in Ukraine.

“Coming together as a school community has at least given us all a sense of doing something to help.

“The response to the fundraising appeal has been really impressive and we have raised easily the most from any of our non-uniform days for charity.

“This is a mark of the generosity and humanitarian instincts of our students, parents and staff.

“We just hope that the funds go some way towards helping Ukrainians in the dark days ahead.”

Image Source:  Bucks Herald

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