Bucks Council faces challenges in recruiting parking wardens

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Buckinghamshire Council is facing difficulties in hiring additional parking wardens to supplement the existing team of 43, according to Deputy Leader Steven Broadbent, who also serves as the cabinet member for transport. During a recent transport committee meeting, Broadbent emphasized the council’s commitment to maintaining parking regulations and preventing violations. He highlighted the council’s strategy of swiftly deploying parking wardens on mopeds to tackle problem areas.

The council is actively recruiting for civil enforcement officers, with five vacancies currently available. A recent job advertisement by Bucks Council offers a salary range of £25,078 to £26,247 for full-time positions.

Nonetheless, Broadbent acknowledged the continuous difficulty in locating qualified applicants to supplement the current 43.75 warden personnel. In response to questions from Councillor Jaspal Chhokar, he said, “We are increasing our efforts to fill these roles, but recruitment has been consistently challenging.” This year, we plan to hire an additional 10 wardens, which will strengthen our enforcement capacity.”

Additionally, Broadbent emphasised that wardens are responsible for enforcing parking regulations during peak times, including the holidays.

Following 261,000 enforcement patrols, the council issued 47,500 penalty charge notices in the previous year.

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