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Candles on a cake, a candle for remembrance.

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Birthdays are usually joyful events – a prompt for celebrations yet the one marked today comes at a time of personal sorrow.

Her Majesty the Queen (21 April 1926) is today still mourning her husband while receiving 95th birthday greetings from all over the globe.

She has been an icon of power and strength to a vast number of people around the world, and today one more time she stands amid a vital contradiction of birth and death, showing resilience at its highest.

Today, the Queen represents all the people that have lost their loved one due to the pandemic, without having the chance to hug them goodbye.

Today, she represents all the people celebrating quietly their weddings, that supposed to be one of the most vibrant day of their lives.

Today the Queen is an example to those who seek happiness while staring into the abyss of occupation or dictatorship.

We are very much obliged to your message of hope, strength, and continuity.

Happy birthday, Ma’am

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