Chelsea ‘will not compensate sexual abuse victims’

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Chelsea will not be offering a ­financial compensation scheme for ­survivors of historical sexual abuse at the club.

Survivors of the abuse feared that Chelsea would not follow Manchester City’s lead in compensating victims of coach Eddie Heath’s sexual abuse during the late 60s and 70s.

Instead, supporters will have to write to the club and personally justify why they feel entitled to compensation.

Heath, the club’s former chief scout who died in the 1980s, first met some of the survivors when they were only 10 years old.

Manchester City announced in March that compensation totalling millions of pounds would be paid to victims of historical child sex abuse at their club as part of a financial compensation scheme.

While ­support and access to an independent clinical psychologist will be provided, there will be no straightforward compensation scheme.

A Chelsea spokesman said: “Since the disclosures of the appalling non-recent child sexual abuse came to light, the club has sought to provide the best possible support to the survivors. We are working with charities as well as statutory agencies, the FA and the PFA, so that survivors can get the holistic support they need.

“Survivors are also able to claim compensation by writing to the club. All claims for compensation are being managed by the club’s insurer.”

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