Councils’ pothole plan is on track

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Following an agreement between two councils, more than 140 road defects across the Buckingham area have been repaired.

Under the new devolved pilot scheme, Buckingham was chosen as one of five town and parish councils across the county who have been given permission and funding to tackle issues such as potholes on minor roads directly.

After the arrangement was put in place the town council received enough funding to repair 140 defects in local roads and paths in Buckingham with a speed limit of 30mph or less.

Following a review of complaints and a survey by town councillors, each defect was identified as one that could be significantly improved with small repairs.

This has included 136 potholes, relaying slabs and creating new footpath drain channels.

The town council said that while some roads could not be worked on as they are in need of total resurfacing, the small repairs are important to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe and protect vehicles from pothole damage.

Buckingham town councillor Ruth Newell, chair of the environment committee said: “I am so glad that we were able to take part in this scheme, that I fully supported as we were able to focus the repairs on the defective roads and paths that were important to Buckingham people.”

Mark Shaw, Bucks County Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for transport said: “Town and parish councils have their feet firmly on the ground and can react quickly to local highways needs, which makes the partnership between Buckingham Town Council and the county council of enormous benefit to residents and businesses in the town.”

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