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Dame Mary Archer appointed new Chancellor for the University of Buckingham

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Dame Mary Archer has been appointed as the new Chancellor for the University of Buckingham and her role starts on 24th February 2020.

Dame Mary will be succeeding Lady Tessa Keswick, who has been Chancellor since 2014.

Dame Mary started her career as a physical chemist and taught chemistry at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities. From 2005 to 2008 she led a pioneer NHS-funded initiative to create patient decision aids for patients with prostate conditions, and later she introduced an information and advice service for bladder cancer patients in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and across the Anglia Cancer Network. These and many other career achievements consolidate her suitability for the role ahead.

Discussing her new role, Dame Mary said: “I have long admired the University for its pioneering and student-oriented approach, and I am deeply honoured to become its Chancellor as it expands its Medical School and other faculties and moves towards its landmark 50th anniversary.”

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