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David Walliams and BGT Producer: Turning Leaks into Laughs with an Amicable Encore

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The producer of Britain’s Got Talent, Fremantle, has successfully reached an “amicable resolution” with David Walliams following a legal dispute triggered by leaked remarks.

Last year, the comic departed from the show and publicly apologized for making what he termed as “disrespectful comments” about contestants during filming breaks.

David Walliams had initiated legal action against Fremantle, alleging misuse of private information and breaching data laws. In response, Fremantle issued an apology, acknowledging the publication of Walliams’ private conversations and expressing sincere regret for the distress caused to him.

A spokesperson from Fremantle informed the PA News agency, stating, “We are pleased that we have achieved an amicable resolution of this dispute with David. We are sincerely sorry that his private conversations when a judge on Britain’s Got Talent were published, and the great distress this caused David.”

The statement continued by addressing the steps taken to rectify the situation: “We have reviewed our production practices on the show to ensure they fully respect the expectations of our talent whilst satisfying the requirements of the show.”

Expressing gratitude for the longstanding association with David Walliams, the spokesperson added, “We have enjoyed a great relationship with David over many years. We thank David for being an important part of the Britain’s Got Talent family and the enduring success of the show and hope to have opportunities to work with him in the future.”

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